Co-Founder Eugen Heinrich
Co-Founder Philipp Wegner

The Founders

We are Eugen and Philipp. Our interest in IT developed very early. Already in our younger years we learned how to handle different computer hardware. The understanding of how the different systems work and the possibilities they offer spurred our interest more and more. Software development showed us tools to solve problems of any kind. Even complex topics could not stop us from wanting to understand and solve every problem.

How we met

As luck would have it, we met 13 years ago at a former employer. We quickly realized that the combination of the two of us harmonized well. No matter in which composition, the work was fun, and we were always productive and effective. This is due in no small part to the fact that we both consider reliability and a sense of responsibility to be indispensable virtues. We learned technical skills from each other, how to manage employees, how to deal with finances, and how to take calculated risks from time to time. Our idea of a company simply matched.

What motivates us

There is no such thing as a problem that cannot be solved. We are persistent and determined, but we also use resources sparingly and take responsibility for our actions. The issue of sustainability affects us all, which is why we attach great importance to this topic. Without sustainability, automation will stop at some point and will no longer be able to progress. We bring these two topics into balance and keep the balance.

To keep fit besides our job, we like to be outdoors a lot. This also keeps the head fit and we can pick up the topic of sustainability once again.

Our irrepressible will to never give up and the urge to constantly innovate, that's what drives us every day.

We are entrepreneurs with heart and soul, but first and foremost we are people. Therefore, we want to help others with problems of automation and software development. Since we believe that together we are always stronger, we also want to work with partners, exchange ideas with other companies and support each other.

This is our commitment with all our enthusiasm and effort towards finding solutions, because we want to contribute to making the world a little better with our creativity. Our minds are constantly working towards this goal and that is what we enjoy. Every day brings new challenges that we gladly embrace.


If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.